How To Install Stable Diffusion On Windows 11

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I don’t have an intro here ๐Ÿ˜‰

set COMMANDLINE_ARGS= --skip-torch-cuda-test --lowvram --precision full --no-half


Before you can install Stable Diffusion on your local Windows machine, you will need a couple of things:

Install Python

Python Version

It may be a little more complicated if you have Python already installed. Stable Diffusion uses the PyTorch machine learning framework and your Python version must be compatible with it. Currently, PyTorch only supports Python 3.7-3.9. Check the supported Python version on the Official PyTorch Documentation page before installing.
  1. Instal GIT – command line GIT is used by the installer script to download some stuff from GitHub
  2. Install Python programming language – at the time of writing this, version 3.10.x is required as the machine learning framework PyTorch is not compatible with the latest 3.11.x
  3. Change Execution Policies – your Windows will spit out errors or stop certain things from running if you don’t

Check PyTorch compatibility with Python for Windows on this page and download the correct version of the Python installer from this page:
Make sure to allow the Python installer to update the system PATH.

After installation, open PowerShell (Click Win๐ŸชŸ > Search > powershell) and run the “python –version” command to check if Python installed correctly. You should see something like this: “Python 3.10.6”. Numbers will be different, depending on the version you have installed. If you get any errors, that means Python was not installed correctly.

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