AutoGen: A revolutionary framework for LLM applications

Large language models (LLMs) have the potential to revolutionize many industries and applications, but they can also be complex and challenging to use. AutoGen, a new framework developed by Microsoft Research, makes it easier than ever to build and deploy LLM...

AI Coding With OpenAI and Aider

There are many "AI coding" tools, including GitHub's Copilot - but none of them are able to work with multiple files at a time. AIDER project can! It is a "GPT-powered coding in your terminal". GitHub: Let's start by creating a...

CryptoPensioner NFT – Tutorial – Part 1

Learn How To Create & Launch Your AI-Generated Collection It's not going to be a standard tutorial. I should call it a "journey" as it is a process of discovery, trial & error, and not just a summary of the final result.If you need a simple copy-and-paste...

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